Sansui BA-2000 Rebuild and Modification

Here is a Sansui BA-2000 that has been rebuilt using driver and ops boards designed by VZaudio.  These are updated BA-3000 boards using modern devices.

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Blackbird/Rebuild-Now BlueBird?

I have used all the components from the “Blackbird” speakers that I built in 2010. The original cabinets were just to heavy an hard to place in most rooms so a few years ago I built some temporary cabinets for them. Several months ago I came across a photo of a pair of Sony G333es. I liked the cabinet and thought it might work for the Blackbird components.

Read more about the Bluebird Build

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New Projects and Updates.

With work and my on going audio projects I have neglected my WordPress Audio page but I have documented several of the amp and speaker projects I have been working on and will be posting them over the next weeks.

I have restored and modified a Sansui AU-999. Restored a  AU-9500 a CA-2000 and a BA-2000. I will be posting photos and text soon.  I am currently modifying a BA-2000 with updated driver and OPS design by a DIYAudio forum member. He shared the gerbers with me and I had boards made.  The driver and OPS he updated are for the BA-3000 but I have it installed in the BA-2000 chassis with a few chassis modifications. You can see the discussion on his design here

I also have rebuilt the Blackbird speakers twice.  The first time because after a move I couldn’t find a place for the large original cabinet.  The second build I haven’t completed yet but the cabinet is based on Sony’s G333ES. I should have that finished in a month..I think.


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Tubelab SPP with Paralleled 6HB6

img_2579 Tubelab SPP with Parallel 6HB6img_2580

I used a SPP board from Tubelab and modified it for 6HB6’s. I added another board so I could parallel the 6HB6’s but then it sat on my bench for nearly a year. I took 2 weeks off over Christmas and built a chassis and cover for it. This is the result.

I used toroidal transformers from Amplimo, at the time the Euro and the dollar weren’t to far apart so I bought them for about what Edcor transformers would have cost and amazingly shipping was under $30. The 400mA power transformer fits nicely under the chassis.

I have only listened to it for about a half hour with my shop speakers and I’m pleased with the results.

I still have to clean up the aluminum and a few other details but it looks like the sketch I drew nearly a year ago. Its never going to be perfect like a cnc built chassis but I’m getting older and easier to please. The Japanese have a word for it Wabi-sabi “beauty that is imperfect and transient.” I’m going to go with that.

I have bought a couple different boards from George at Tubelab, they are first rate.

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Sansui QA-7000




I had been thinking about the new 2-way Accuton speaker project, Catherine named “Tall Blondes with Beautiful Voices”, which will require 4 channels of amplification, one for each driver and I remembered the quad amplifiers from the 70’s. Especially the Sansui Quads but I had never heard of the QA-7000.

This is one one of the best looking amps I have had. The black anodized face, aluminum trimmed knobs with a small aluminum tabs on the 2 piece knobs. First class construction and detail.

The amplifier does sound pretty good but it is over 40 years old so I will be replacing all the electrolytic capacitors, the speaker relay etc.  I will document this when it’s completed. I really want to use this amp with the new “Tall Blondes” but I have other amps that sound very good so we’ll see. The QA-7000 is so gorgeous though.

The QA-7000 page.

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The Tall Blondes w/ Bella Voce

I built a prototype/test cabinet for the Accuton speaker. I like the look of stacked plywood construction.  I have seen it called paralamb or translamb construction. I cut templates, then cut pieces close to size and fastened the template to them.  I then used a router table and a pattern bit to cut the pieces to the template.  You can see this here.  It took a few days and after the glue up it turned out ok and good enough for the test cabinet but not for the final speaker.

I found a small CNC shop near me that  cut the pieces for the final cabinets. He included indexing holes so everything lines up perfectly. Well worth the USD 185 it cost.



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New Accuton Speaker Project

I have collected parts and designed a translam speaker cabinet for a 2-way using an Accuton C30-6-358 cell tweeter, Accuton C173-6-191E mid/woofer and 2 Accuton P173 passives.  I will be using the crossover function included in Channel D’s Pure Music player.

Please stop back for progress updates.


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Opus 5.0 – A Modern Mullard

Opus 5.0



The Opus 5.0 a modern Mullard amplifier using 2 KT88 output tubes per channel. The circuit was designed by SGregory and DIYAudio friends. I contacted him 3 years after he designed the amplifier and he told me it’s his main amp and he uses it daily. That is a stable, dependable amp. Just what I needed to satisfy my tube audio curiosity once and for all.  read more…






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Jungson Hedo WG1 200 Integrated Amplifier


The Jungson Hedo is a 200W per channel class A integrated amplifier. Beautiful, powerful and a joy to listen to. read more

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Tubelab SE

This amp was built using circuit board.  This version uses type 45 triodes as outputs and mosfets for driver support.


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