I owned an Accuphase E-303 and had always been very pleased with its’ performance in my system. The only other amp that came close was the Jungson JA88D, but at the time I still had the E-303 and I didn’t care for the big, showy meters on the Jungson so I sold it before to long. When I saw the Jungson Hedo WG1 200 integrated amplifier I was very interested. I no longer had my Accuphase so it was an easy decision to order one. I found a 120v version from Grant Fidelity. I have nothing against ordering gear directly from China but they usually offer 110v u!nits.!

What a beautiful piece of electronics. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything but praise about the quality of construction in Jungson audio components and it holds true with the WG1 200. The amp is quite heavy, 54 lbs., but is well balanced, so not that difficult to move. The front led display tells you the input that is selected and the volume, displayed in numerals. There are 4 pair of rca inputs and 1 pair of balanced xlr inputs. The speaker outputs will accept bare wire, spades or banana plugs and are the insulated type. I added pre out main in jacks so I could connect another preamp ( Doge 8 ) I had that had a phono input. The preamp is well respected and I expected an upgrade in sound quality. If it wasn’t for the phono input on the Doge 8, I w!ould use the Hedo preamp, it is very good.!

Often when reviewers talk about Jungson solid state amplifiers they refer to them as having a tube like quality. I have never understood what is meant by this. Granted one amp, whether solid state or tube, may sound different than another but the final sound has to do with how your system works together. I know it’s not possible but I think hifi components should have no identifiable sound of their own. I think the Jungson Hedo WG1 200 gets very close to this. It allows excellent definition of individual instruments and vocals sound natural. The Hedo is rated at 200W per channel @ 8 ohms so there is plenty of power for my 3 way speakers with 15″ woofer. The clear definition of vocals and instruments can be heard at low volumes as well. I don’t know how much of the 200W remains class A, but I am more than pleased with the J!ungson’s performance at my listening levels, and we like it quite loud.!

Until I can afford a new Accuphase ( as in never ) the Jungson Hedo WG1 200 will do just fine.

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