Marantz 2325

A Marantz 2325 manufactured 1974-76 and is 125 watts RMS @ 8 ohms. In 1974 it retailed for $799.00. The dial lights seem a little dim and don’t show well in my photos but all the fuse style lamps and function lamps have been replaced with lamps of the proper current rating and work as they should. The diffuser paper has been replaced also.  All the switchs and controls have been cleaned and are static free. The dolby selector knob is broken and the knob is missing. This switch is for the onboard Dolby system.  The meter function push switch is also broken but it still works and the meters work.. This switch is used to change the function of the meters when using the on board dolby system.  The amp has the original Marantz output transistors. As you might expect from this Marantz it sounds great and has plenty of power. I have seen these amps with the vinyl woodgrain bonnet but this one has a black vinyl leather look, better looking I think.

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