Sanaui 9090

Here is a photo of a Sansui 9090 as I received it.  Take a look at the tin foil covering the fuses, never a good sign.  I tracked down the problem to the driver board where several fuse resistors had opened and and 2 driver transistors were bad.  After I had it working, I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors.  This isn’t a luxury in these 30+ year old amps and receivers.  The capacitors and other components need to be replaced to make the amp dependable.  Changing these old components doesn’t change the intended sound of the amps, that “sound” is in the circuit design.  The amp may sound different, but only because we get used to the degraded sound caused by the aging components.  So by changing these components we get reliable amps, performing the way they are suppose to. I also replaced the speaker relay, dial lights, the main fuse holder and refinished the wood cover. I have been using the Sansui 9090 nearly every day for 18 months.  I was going to replace it  a while ago but Catherine said, “Leave that one. It sounds good and I like the lights.”  That’s enough reason for me.

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  1. Tom Silverman says:

    Nice posting. I envy you. I have a used 9090 that stopped working 5 minutes after I purchased it. It was filthy with grease and oil on all boards. I carefully opened it up – and cleaned all boards. I tested all capacitors and inspected loose soldering. It’s sparkling clean now but I completely messed up the connections of the main power cord to the fuse, the two 110v sockets, the capacitor to the voltage selector, and the power switch (two white, twisted wires). I feel like an idiot. I did not take pictures before I started de-soldering the connections. Would it be too much trouble to ask you to please take a number of photos of the mentioned connections and send me a copy by email (or post it)?

  2. I also have a 9090,working, all bulbs lite.I do not have a pair of speakers to test it but I do know that head set plug in works and that radios ( am,fm) works.It has just been stored for a long time and I have been cleaning it up(dust,etc.).Was going to 0ut up on ebay but haven’t decided yet.Jim

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