I am looking for the photos of my AU-111, so far I only have a shot of the interior when I was working on it and a photo of the speaker terminal I made to replace the original.

According to the serial number this Sansui Au-111 was manufactured in 1966. It is the version with two-tone black and silver knobs and 2 bias pots.  One large knob and the silver top of a small knob are missing from the original set. I replaced all knobs with black anodized aluminum knobs that I thought matched the black anodized face plate.  When I purchased the amp there was no bottom plate and no tubes. I made a bottom plate of perforated steel and, like the original, used rear casters. The front feet are made from Az. Iron Wood.  All electrolytic capacitors, except for 3 in the phono section, have been replaced.  The power cord was not original and was replaced with an IEC jack.  As there was no safety ground to chassis on the original I did not connect the ground to chassis.

I had trouble connecting speaker wires to the screw type speaker terminals so I manufactured a plate out of lexan, the same size as the original, but used terminals that would accept banana plugs.

I enjoyed this amp but it isn’t the holy grail.  Maybe because I had heard such praise for the Sansui AU-111 my expectations were to high.  I had a new Jungson JA-88D at the same time and would have been happy with either in my system.  In fact I sold the AU-111 and kept the Jungson.

From Sansui USA

Main Specs

Vacuum Tubes: 6L6GC x 4, 12AX7 x 5, 12BH7A x 2, 6AQ8 x 1

Transistors: 2SC402 (2SC650) x 2

Power Output: RMS Stereo Power 40W x 2

Harmonic Distortion: 0.8%

Intermodulation Distortion: (50 + 5,500Hz) 0.8%

Frequency Response: +1-1dB, 20-50,000 cps

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