Telematic SA-777

This is a Telematic SA-777.

Telematic Industries manufactured medical test equipment, a pair of speakers called “Minstrels” and this amp apparently. ¬†At least that’s is all the information I could find about the company.The SA-777 was manufactured around 1958. It is an integrated amp that uses 6 – ECC83, all are 12AX7A Sonotone. 4 – 6BQ5A (installed are 4 amperex bugle boys) , and a GZ34 rectifier.

I found a relationship with Crosby Radio, who also manufactured the Madison Fielding amps for a short time. The Madison Fielding 320 amp uses the same chassis, tube compliment and Todd Electric transformers. the Madison Fielding 320 does have one more ECC83 tube than the Telematic, although the Telematic has a hole in the chassis where the tube would go. The 320 also has a magic eye tube visible on the front panel, this extra ECC83 drove the magic eye.The face plates of the 2 amps are different.

I ordered the schematic for the Madison Fielding 320 and they are indeed, electrically the same amp.
I have the parts to replace all electrolytics etc. and I will keep my progress and impressions updated.

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  1. M says:

    I have one of these that was my fathers, it was still functioning when we replaced it as a present for him with a Technics receiver in the mid 80’s, its not as a clean looking as this and the glass panels in the front are not original.

  2. t mc says:

    i have a telematic sa-777 with original metal cabinet and a custom pop on top wood one also.
    i also have 3 of their minstrel speakers .
    speakers are so so sounding . but the sa-777 really sings sweet after my tech completely serviced this little beauty.
    apparently they made at least one other mono amp as someone on audiokarma site claims to have one. no model number was mentioned. that i recall.
    their was a company that made tv tuner parts and related back in the late 50’s. my guess is that is the same company. besides the madison 320 amp with similar configuration , shell electronics also from new york made a 2020p and 3030p stereo amp very similar to the madison in that is also had the “baby cyclops” magic eye in middle of faceplate. also the catalina 2020p amp also was virtually identical to the shell electronics amp other then it had a few slightly cheaper components . i also have all these amps and more . my guess was some of these were rebranded crosby laboratories products and or were swallowed up by crosby at some point . it makes sense as they also were all ” down the street ” from each other !

  3. PAUL WASHBURN says:

    I also in this amp and have recently refurbished it. The problem I have is I have not been able to find an Operations Manual and do not fully understand the controls and in what priority they should be used after devices attached. If anyone has specific information on the operations of the Madison fielding 320 amplifier please let me know or I would be gratefully appreciative. I thank you in advance paul washburn

  4. Thanks for the memories. My father founded Telematic (and other brands including Madison-Fielding and, later UXL). I’m interested in filling in any of the history that is available.

    I came across this looking for material for a talk I’m giving on how consumer electronics is evolving.

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