Speakers: Soup Sandwich ver.2

Here is the second incarnation.

About 2 years after the first speaker build, Tony did a crossover revision so I had the opportunity to correct the side panel error of the first cabinet.  I did this and covered the cabinets with a mahogany veneer.  A slimmed down, cleaner look, I think.  Tony’s crossover revision was also a slimmed down version of the original.  He removed 4 capacitors and changed 2 resistors.  As per his suggestion, I used a Dueland resistor on the tweeter. I also replaced the solid wire inductors with foil inductors.  These changes opened up the speakers even more, with even better separation of instruments.

This also reminds me of the value of Ebay.  I don’t have to tell myself that someday I will use the parts I change and put in a drawer.  Used parts don’t need to sit in a drawer.  I put them on ebay. It seems someone is always looking for the parts I am not using.

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