Speakers: Soup Sandwich featuring Accuton/Eaton drivers

Soup Sandwich: Version 1

This is the first crossover design by Tony Gee

The Version 1 cabinet design is a result of  a mistake in the side panel length.  The original cabinets were covered with 1/4″ thick curly sycamore. I had barely enough material so the panels were cut to the exact length, not taking into consideration the tilt of the cabinet, so there was a small gap in the front which had to covered with the base. At the time I thought this added to the art deco look of the cabinet.

The drivers used in this design are Accuton C25-6-012 tweeter, Accuton C90-6-079 mid, and an Eton 8-472/32LH.

This crossover uses Mcap supreme, silver and gold, and silver in oil capacitors.  Mills non-inductive resistors were used and solid wire inductors.

I don’t try to describe the sound of speakers, it’s just to subjective and dependent on source, amplifier, room and hearing.  I will say when you use the best components available and, as in this case, have a designer like Tony Gee, the speaker will compete with speakers many times the cost of DIY investment.

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3 Responses to Speakers: Soup Sandwich featuring Accuton/Eaton drivers

  1. WOW–these are really neato!!

  2. Oldi says:

    i think the mid is a Accuton C90-6-079.

    Very nice box.


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