Sansui AU-70 Tube Integrated Amplifier

A restored Sansui AU-70

The Sansui AU-70 is 25w per channel amp, using 4/ 7189A tubes ,class AB, push pull. A 12AX7 for the preamp and also uses 4 Sony transistors for the microphone, phono, tape head amplification, this part of the circuit is bypassed in the aux and tuner mode. There are also treble and bass controls for each channel and a tone defeat switch. It measures 15.5” W x 12” D x 5” H and weighs 30 lbs. All capacitors, except the ceramics, have been replaced with values as close to the originals as could be found.
I am very surprised with the AU-70, often referred to as the little brother of the AU-111, I think the only way it would be less, is in output power.  The Sansui AU-70 is a great performer. My idea of “tube sound” has changed in the last years. I don’t hear the so called “warmth” that is often referred to. I hear clear sound, space around instruments and vocals and defined soundstage. I like this amp very much.

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