Sansui QA-7000




I had been thinking about the new 2-way Accuton speaker project, Catherine named “Tall Blondes with Beautiful Voices”, which will require 4 channels of amplification, one for each driver and I remembered the quad amplifiers from the 70’s. Especially the Sansui Quads but I had never heard of the QA-7000.

This is one one of the best looking amps I have had. The black anodized face, aluminum trimmed knobs with a small aluminum tabs on the 2 piece knobs. First class construction and detail.

The amplifier does sound pretty good but it is over 40 years old so I will be replacing all the electrolytic capacitors, the speaker relay etc.  I will document this when it’s completed. I really want to use this amp with the new “Tall Blondes” but I have other amps that sound very good so we’ll see. The QA-7000 is so gorgeous though.

The QA-7000 page.

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