Tubelab SPP with Paralleled 6HB6

img_2579 Tubelab SPP with Parallel 6HB6img_2580

I used a SPP board from Tubelab and modified it for 6HB6’s. I added another board so I could parallel the 6HB6’s but then it sat on my bench for nearly a year. I took 2 weeks off over Christmas and built a chassis and cover for it. This is the result.

I used toroidal transformers from Amplimo, at the time the Euro and the dollar weren’t to far apart so I bought them for about what Edcor transformers would have cost and amazingly shipping was under $30. The 400mA power transformer fits nicely under the chassis.

I have only listened to it for about a half hour with my shop speakers and I’m pleased with the results.

I still have to clean up the aluminum and a few other details but it looks like the sketch I drew nearly a year ago. Its never going to be perfect like a cnc built chassis but I’m getting older and easier to please. The Japanese have a word for it Wabi-sabi “beauty that is imperfect and transient.” I’m going to go with that.

I have bought a couple different boards from George at Tubelab, they are first rate.

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