New Projects and Updates.

With work and my on going audio projects I have neglected my WordPress Audio page but I have documented several of the amp and speaker projects I have been working on and will be posting them over the next weeks.

I have restored and modified a Sansui AU-999. Restored a  AU-9500 a CA-2000 and a BA-2000. I will be posting photos and text soon.  I am currently modifying a BA-2000 with updated driver and OPS design by a DIYAudio forum member. He shared the gerbers with me and I had boards made.  The driver and OPS he updated are for the BA-3000 but I have it installed in the BA-2000 chassis with a few chassis modifications. You can see the discussion on his design here

I also have rebuilt the Blackbird speakers twice.  The first time because after a move I couldn’t find a place for the large original cabinet.  The second build I haven’t completed yet but the cabinet is based on Sony’s G333ES. I should have that finished in a month..I think.


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