The Blackbird turned out just too difficult to move around and position. In 20013 after another move I built a 2 piece cabinet for the components more like Tony gee’s original “Mezzo Galactica”.

After a few more years and another move the grill fabric was wearing and I saw a Sony G333es. I liked the cabinet and thought a version would work for the Blackbird (mezzo) speaker components.

I liked how the woofer stood out from the receding angle of the cabinet and the 80’s box style. This is what I came up with.

Yep, blue. I saw a BASF color called Undercurrant Blue and some Candy blue guitar colors. This blue is neither of those but close to both. We like it.

I built the cabinets out of 1″ baltic birch plywood with a lot of bracing. I haven’t had a chance to measure them yet but they sound so good I’m not in a hurry to make adjustments.  I sent a photo to Tony and he said there may be more energy in the midrange because of the wide front baffle.  They sound coherent to me. Very detailed, not harsh and wonderful bass.  I always think I am not really that concerned with bass but when its there it just makes everything else sound so full and complete.

My favorite speakers…ever!

I had CNC shop rout the speaker cutouts because of the angle. I couldn’t see how to accurately cut out for the woofer with my router.

The sides are angled slightly to avoid parallel sides. I made a simple jig to aid in glue up.

When the cabinet sides were glued I stood them upright to have a look. Catherine said the top looked too plain, unfinished. It’s shown here without the flat top set on but I think you can imagine the flat plain top.

She was right. So a quick redesign. Not easy with them glued up but thanks to a Festo plunge saw and a cup of coffee I had this.

Better I think and eliminated the last parallel side. You can see some of the bracing in this photo.

Here is a better one.

I was able to use the tweeter and midrange cabinet from the 2 piece speaker I had built previously. The volume around the tweeter, midrange cabinet is used to satisfy the 100 liter, about 3.5 cubic feet, requirement for the woofer.

There are 2 ports each 135mm long including the inner and outer flares and are 100mm in diameter. (5.15″L x 4″ D) The photo only shows the flare on one end.

After a bit of sanding, the cabinets are primed and painted. 1 coat lacquer primer surfacer and 3 coats pre catalyzed lacquer.

The crossover components are in a separate box at the bottom. Easy access.