Telematic SA-777

The Telematic SA-777 from Telematic Industries.. read more

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The “Blackbird” Cabinet Inspiration

Well sort of, but a car this beautiful has to inspire something. Right?

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The “Blackbirds” are in the living room and sound very good.  I still haven’t had time to measure them but I will in the next few weeks. More information on the “Blackbirds look here.

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Sound Absorber/Diffuser

I had been using a warehouse/studio space with an artist and the acoustics were very bad.  It was even hard to carry on a conversation across the room. The room was large,  25′ x 55′ x 13′.  There were concrete ceilings and floors and insulated sheetrock walls.  I had divided the space about in the middle with some 8′ high cabinets perpendicular to one wall and out 16′ leaving a 9′ walkway. read more

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Blackbird 3-way speaker

The Blackbird speaker build, based on Tony Gee’s “Mezzo Galactica”. read more….

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Luxman R-1120


The R-1120 was Luxman’s top of the line receiver from 1976 to 1979.  It had a retail price of $995.  continue reading…


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Rebuilding Can Type Electrolytic Capacitors

I had restored my AU-11000 and the only thing remaining was the power supply filter caps.  There are 4 10000uf, 63v screw terminal capacitors.  I could find a few on manufacturers sites but no venders selling them.  The ones I found available were $56 each plus shipping and the terminal spacing wasn’t correct but I am sure they could have been made to work.  The real thing stopping me was I had 2 Chemi-Con KMH capacitors of the correct value sitting in my drawer and 2 more could be bought for $10.  Then I remembered a few years ago considering rebuilding some multi-section capacitors for a tube amp I had.  It involves cutting the bottom off the can, removing the insides and replacing it with a new capacitor.  Since the new capacitors are smaller, they fit easily.  Here is what I did. Continue reading

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Sansui AU-70 Tube Integrated Amplifier

A restored Sansui AU-70 Continue reading

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Speakers: Soup Sandwich featuring Accuton/Eaton drivers

Soup Sandwich: Version 1

This is the first crossover design by Tony Gee Continue reading

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Speakers: Soup Sandwich ver.2

Here is the second incarnation. Continue reading

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