Soup Sandwich

My, Tony Gee designed, “Soup Sandwich”  3 way floorstanding speakers.  Using a Thiel & Partner/ Accuton C2-12/6 ceramic dome tweeter,  a C2-79/6 ceramic dome midrange driver and an Eton 8-472/32 LH HEXACONE-woofer.

The cabinets are made from 1 1/8″ mdf, the front baffle is a double layer with 2 1/4″ thickness.  This is covered with mahogany veneer finished with 6 coats of low sheen acrylic polyurethane. Internally there is a separate midrange enclosure and bracing, giving the cabinet very good stability.  The interior walls are line with a double layer of a self adhesive bitumen membrane to control vibrations.  Next a 1/2″  layer of felt was added to minimize internal reflections.  The midrange enclosure is filled with sheeps wool and the bass cabinet has a small amount of accetate fiber.

There is a rear vent in the 1 1/4″ black base for the down-firing reflex port.  A single pair of speaker input terminals are also located on the bottom. The speaker is set on three cones. The cabinet measures 41″H X 11″W X 17″D and weighs 110 lbs.

The crossover is constructed using Mcap Supreme, Mcap Siver/Oil, Mcap Silver/Gold oil.  Dueland resistors and Copper foil inductors.  Internal wiring is 11.5 awg Cardas litz wire.  Crossover design is really an art learned through experience and I believe Tony Gee is one of the best at it, and very generous to share his designs with us.

A note on the crossovers pictured.  The foil inductor that is standing should be rotated 90 degrees. There is an informative article here

Crossover versions 1 and 2

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